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Lakes Center for Youth & Families helping youth and families in the Forest Lake, MN School District and all of Chisago County.Jobs Plus

offered by the Lakes Center for Youth & Families


Career SuccesEach month, teens will learn a variety of topics that will help them find a path they want to take after high school and how to prepare for adulthood.There are two new topics each month, including: Critical Thinking, collaboration, budgeting, soft skills, savings-credit-and debt, personal branding, smart shopping, and much more!

Teen participants have said:
“It helped me realize I need to go to college”
“The things I learned will help me get a good job”
“It was fun. I learned things that will be important in the future”

Lakes Center for Youth & Families serves the youth and families in the Forest Lake School District in Washington and Anoka counties and all of Chisago County of Minnesota.The Job Connection is a great community resource for adults and a great way for youth to get job experience!

The Job Connection serves adults 55+ and/or disabled living in the Forest Lake area or Chisago County. Youth, ages 12-17, can enroll in The Job Connection. Students complete an orientation/training session with a parent/guardian and then get referred out to adults who hire them! The youth can assist with almost any type of chore in your home or yard.

Tried and True Small Engine Social Enterprise

Tried and True Small Engines

Tried and True Small Engines is a Lakes Center for Youth & Families social enterprise program that allows youth to gain work experience. Tried and True will give youth a look at what it takes to run a small business, as well as get hands on experience with small engines under the supervision of a professional mechanic.