Youth and Family Counseling

Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) counselors  provide therapy services to the community as a part of LC4YF programs. Our expertise is in working with youth ages 10-18 and their families.

Counselors work with a variety of issues including relationship concerns, school performance,resoning skills, depression, parenting situations, anger issues, divorce, chemical use, ADHD and many others. Our staff focus on finding solutions to the problems that affect people’s lives and giving them the necessary tools and support to be able to make positive changes in their own lives.  Learn More About our Counseling Programs


Reasoning Skills Program (R.S.P)

Reasoning Skills Program (R.S.P.) is a program designed to help youth and their parents explore how the child currently makes choices based on their reasoning skills. The facilitator will explore options with the family on how to improve the youth’s reasoning skills. The hopeful outcome of the program is that the youth will practice their newfound reasoning skills and will have more positive experiences at home, school, and with peers.

Learn More About Reasoning Skills Program (R.S.P.)


R.E.A.C.H. Recognizing and Exploring Anger, Conflict and Hope

REACH is a program designed to help adolescents look at and address their anger. In this program we will explore where anger comes from, how it impacts relationships, and strategies for managing anger. For adolescents ages 10-18. This program is taught by a Youth & Family Counselor at Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF).

Learn More About Anger Awareness (R.E.A.C.H.)

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