Youth Service Bureau Community Justice Program, Forest Lake, MNLakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) Community Justice Program is a community-based program that works with the offender, the victim and the community when a criminal offense occurs. The program revolves around the young person taking responsibility for his/her actions and understanding that their behavior affects more than themselves. They are asked to think of the person they hurt with their actions and apologize for any damage they may have caused.

The youth also learn that they are a valued part of their community and that there are many people who want to see them succeed. This program works in conjunction with schools, law enforcement and counties. Parents are involved through the whole process to be a support system to their child, as well as receive support from other community members.

“This was an exceptional program that teaches kids the overall effect of their choices. I would recommend the program for any child.”—quote from a parent about the Community Justice Program

Youth involved in the Community Justice Program are asked to participate in weekly peer groups, attend educational classes, complete community service hours and appear before a panel of community volunteers who will emphasize the young person’s value in the community. The volunteers who participate in the panel are average community members that have a special concern for youth who are making negative choices. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer on the Community Panel, please contact LC4YF at 651-464-3685.

“I’m quite impressed with the work your volunteers are doing. I feel much better knowing what I’m sending these children to do. I know it is worthwhile.”—Quote from Chisago County Judge John McBride

Parent’s Role

The LC4YF believes the advice, guidance and involvement of parents is essential for a teen’s success in life. Through parent involvement in this program, positive values are reinforced and integrated into daily life.


The Lakes Center for Youth & Families’ community justice philosophy is based on four restorative justice values:

  • Crime is a violation of people & relationships
  • Crime creates obligations to make things right
  • Justice involves the victim, offender & community
  • Justice seeks solutions which promote repair, reconciliation and reassurance

“I see the LC4YF as a point where we can start to unite the community.” –Roberta Tauer, Parent of former client and currently a LAYSB adult volunteer

To learn more about the service components within Community Justice Program, please CLICK HERE.

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