Lakes Center for Youth & Families helping youth and families in the Forest Lake, MN School District and all of Chisago County.Chemical Services

offered by the Lakes Center for Youth & Families


Lakes Center for Youth & Families serves the youth and families in the Forest Lake School District in Washington and Anoka counties and all of Chisago County of Minnesota.

LC4YF has added another layer to our Chemical Services!

In addition to our Community Justice Program, Lakes Center for Youth & Families (LC4YF) is proud to offer Chemical Health Screens & Chemical Health Assessments (also known as Rule 25 Assessments). LC4YF is a part of community efforts to reduce underage drinking and drug use in the lakes area communities. Our goal is to provide effective outcome based services to prevent the occurrence of chemical abuse among teens.

For youth who are at-risk for chemical abuse/dependency


Do you have a concern that your teen needs more than Chemical Education?
Are you worried your teen’s alcohol or drug use may have evolved from experimental to addiction?
Is your teen using heavily, but is not aware of how alcohol and drugs are affecting their life?
Are you looking for a program that might help them figure out if they need treatment?

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